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Complete list of hammer crusher models

Hammer crushers are used in a variety of industries for crushing and grinding materials. They come in different models and sizes, each designed for specific applications and capacities. Here’s a comprehensive list of common models and categories of hammer crushers:

Hammer crusher model

hammer crusher

Reversible Hammer Crusher

Allows the rotor to be reversed, extending the life of the hammers and crushing plates.

Non-Reversible Hammer Crusher

The rotor can only turn in one direction, often used for primary crushing.

Heavy Hammer Crusher

Designed for large-scale, high-capacity crushing applications.

Single-Stage Hammer Crusher

Capable of crushing materials in one stage, reducing them to the desired size without the need for secondary crushing.

Double-Rotor Hammer Crusher

Equipped with two rotors, providing higher crushing efficiency and capacity.

Common Models of Hammer Crushers

Hammer crushers

Models by Specific Application

Primary Hammer Crusher

Designed for initial crushing of large materials.

Models: PCD Series (e.g., PCD0808, PCD1010, PCD1212)

Secondary Hammer Crusher

Used for secondary crushing after primary crushing.

Models: PCS Series (e.g., PCS2020, PCS3030)

Industrial Hammer Mills

For material reduction in industrial applications such as mining and recycling.

Models: HAZEMAG Hammer Mills (e.g., HAZ800, HAZ1000)

Portable Hammer Crusher

Mobile hammer crushers for flexible and on-site material processing.

Models: PORTABLE4008-75, PORTABLE4012-90

Hammer crushers

Considerations When Choosing a Hammer Crusher Model:

Capacity Requirements: Select a model that matches the desired output capacity.

Material Hardness: Ensure the crusher is suitable for the hardness of the material being processed.

Feed Size: Choose a crusher that can handle the maximum feed size.

Output Size: Determine the required final product size and select accordingly.

Application: Consider the specific application, such as primary crushing, secondary crushing, or fine crushing.

Each manufacturer may have unique models with specific features, so it's essential to consult the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations to find the best hammer crusher for your needs.

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