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High pressure roller mill working principle and industry use

With the development of mining, cement and other industries, more and more broken grinding equipment has been put into actual production. For large pieces of materials that cannot be directly transported, the crushing and grinding equipment has highlighted an irreplaceable advantage. The roller mill is the leader in the crusher.

First, the working principle of high pressure roller mill

1. High pressure roller mill composition

The structure of the high-pressure roller mill is various. The principle is basically similar to that of the roller crusher. There are two work rolls, but the grinding principle is completely different. The high-pressure roller mill is mainly composed of a feeding device, a pair of sticks, a transmission device (electric motor, a speed reducer), a hydraulic system and the like.

The working part of the high-pressure roller mill is a pair of high-pressure rolls arranged in parallel and facing each other. Each roller is driven by a motor through a planetary gear reducer, wherein the fixed roller is fixed in position and the moving roller can be moved on the horizontal slide. The hydraulic system on the sliding roller shaft provides extremely high working pressure to the work roll surface.

2. Principle of crushing of high pressure roller mill

The working principle of the high-pressure roller mill is laminating and pulverizing. During operation, the material enters between two oppositely rotating squeezing rollers through an adjustable opening size feeder, and the full feeding is performed, and the frictional force on the rolling surface is Under the action of the gravity of the column (or forced feeding device), the material is forcibly squeezed into the pressure zone and compacted. When a certain pressure is reached, it is crushed. As the roll gap becomes smaller, the pressure on the material is increased. The larger the sheet, the denser but crack-filled sheet cake falls. There are a large number of fine particles, fine particles and micro-cracks in the cake, which makes the mechanical strength of the cake low, which indirectly improves the processing capacity and grinding efficiency of the mill.

Second, high pressure roller mill application industry

High-pressure roller mills are not used separately in comminution operations and usually form a grinding system with other grinding equipment. The high-pressure roller mill has been used in the cement industry since its inception, so the grinding system in this field is also relatively mature. It is mainly used as a pre-grinding system, which can be divided into a circulating pre-grinding system, a combined grinding system, a hybrid grinding system, and a semi-finish grinding system.

1. Mixed grinding system for cement industry

The mixed grinding system is mostly used in the production of cement raw materials. The material is first crushed by a high-pressure roller mill and then finely ground into a ball mill. The coarse powder of the ball mill will be returned to the high-pressure roller mill for further pulverization, so that the high-pressure roller mill The task is aggravated.

2. High pressure roller mill for metal mining industry

With the modification and performance improvement of high-pressure roller mill equipment, the equipment has been used in the field of metal mines. In the iron ore dressing plant as fine or fine crushing equipment for raw ore, or as fine grinding equipment in front of iron concentrate pellets; as fine or superfine crushing equipment in non-ferrous metal mines, gold mines and other concentrators.

3. Other industries

In addition to its application in the cement industry, high-pressure roller mills are now used in diamonds, copper, platinum, molybdenum, gold and industrial minerals as technology develops and improves.

In addition, the high-pressure roller mill is also an ultra-fine grinding equipment with high efficiency and low consumption, which can be widely used for ultra-fine grinding of non-metallic minerals. For example, non-metallic minerals such as limestone, dolomite, natural magnesite, zircon and corundum are also commonly used in high-pressure roller mills for crushing and milling.

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