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Basic introduction, working principle, application range and characteristics of compound crusher

The compound crusher is a new type of high-efficiency fine crushing equipment which combines hammer breaking and counterattack breaking. It has large production capacity, high crushing efficiency, large crushing ratio, small abrasion amount, low energy consumption, good sealing performance and stable operation. The advantages of convenient maintenance, etc., when the building materials enterprise uses the equipment to crush materials such as limestone, coal, coal gangue and cement clinker, it can significantly reduce the grinding grain size and increase the mill output, which is an ideal energy-saving crushing equipment. Want to know more about the composite crusher? Then let's take a look at the basic introduction, working principle, application range, characteristics, maintenance, troubleshooting, maintenance and safe operation procedures of the composite crusher.

First, the basic introduction

1. The composite crusher is a new generation of high-efficiency crusher which is based on the synthesis of similar crusher technology at home and abroad. It is designed and optimized for the main technical parameters. Its structure is composed of a hammer crusher and a counter crusher. It is especially suitable for crushing medium-hard and low-water content brittle materials in building materials, mining, chemical, metallurgy, cement, coal and other industries. In the cement industry, this equipment is used as secondary crushing;

2. The composite crusher belongs to the road construction machinery and relates to a composite soil crusher. The composite soil crusher comprises a soil crushing bin and a lime crushing bin, and a conveying belt is arranged below the discharge port of the lime crushing bin, and the front end of the conveying belt is located at the feeding port of the soil crushing bin.

3. The composite crusher uses a new type of device to omit the pre-hydration process of dry lime and effectively break the high-water-containing soil, which is conducive to the improvement of construction quality. The composite soil crusher is characterized in that it comprises a soil crushing bin and a lime crushing bin; a discharge port of the lime crushing bin; a conveying belt is arranged below; the front end of the conveying belt is located in the feed of the soil crushing bin. mouth.

Second, the working principle of the composite crusher

1. If the machine is found to be abnormal during normal operation, it should be stopped immediately and inspected. After the fault is removed, the production will continue.

2. The crusher should be turned on at no load to ensure that the crusher is fed after normal operation;

3. Before starting the machine, please pay attention to whether the body door of the machine body is closed, whether the lubricating oil is normal, whether the screw is loose, and the door is opened to make the machine stop.

4. The feed must strictly abide by the instructions for use, too much, too much will cause damage to the crusher.

Third, the scope of application

The composite crusher is widely used in various kinds of hard and brittle materials such as rock, abrasive, refractory, cement clinker, quartz stone, iron ore, concrete aggregate, etc. Sand and road sand are excellent.

Fourth, the characteristics

1. Large crushing ratio, high output, 1.4 times higher than domestic similar products, high efficiency, energy saving, wearing parts with high hardness, high toughness, multi-alloy wear-resistant material, life expectancy increased by 2-3 times, hammer and counterattack The gap between the plates is adjustable to meet a variety of material conditions;

2. The composite crusher is a combination of similar crusher technology at home and abroad, with the advantages of impact breaking and hammer breaking. The new fine crushed and coarsely ground products are optimized and designed for the main technical parameters. They are mainly used for medium and small crushed cement raw materials and clinker. They are used in construction sand, iron ore, sandstone, gypsum, coal gangue and lump coal. And other medium hard ore crushing;

3. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, stable operation, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. It is a kind of new multi-purpose, high-efficiency and low-cost new crushing equipment.

Five, compound crusher maintenance

The three-level maintenance system of the composite crusher embodies the shift of the focus of equipment maintenance management in China from repair to maintenance, and the maintenance management policy based on prevention is more clear. The three-stage maintenance system of the composite crusher includes: daily maintenance of the crusher equipment; primary maintenance and secondary maintenance. The three-level maintenance system is a mandatory maintenance system in which the operator is mainly responsible for the protection of the equipment and the warranty is important. The three-level maintenance system relies on all employees, giving full play to the enthusiasm of all members, implementing group management, combining groups, and improving the effective maintenance of equipment.

1, daily maintenance

The daily maintenance of the composite crusher equipment generally has daily maintenance and weekly maintenance, also known as daily maintenance and weekly maintenance;

2, first-level maintenance

The first-level maintenance of the composite crusher is based on the operator, the maintenance worker assists, partially disassembles and inspects the equipment according to the plan, cleans the specified parts, clears the oil circuit, pipeline, replaces or cleans the oil line, felt and oil filter. Adjust the matching clearance of each part of the equipment and fasten the various parts of the equipment. The time for the first-level maintenance is 2-4h. After the completion of the first-guarantee, the record should be recorded and the defects that have not been cleared should be recorded. The mechanical and electrical equipment department should check and accept the operation. Fill in the maintenance record in detail, and submit the acceptance form to the equipment department for filing;

3, secondary maintenance

The secondary maintenance of the composite crusher equipment is mainly based on maintenance workers, the operation workers participate in the completion, the secondary maintenance is included in the equipment maintenance plan, the equipment is partially disassembled and repaired, the worn parts are replaced or repaired, and the oil is cleaned and changed. Check and repair the electrical parts so that the technical condition of the equipment fully meets the requirements of the required equipment integrity standards. The time for secondary maintenance is about 1-3 days. After the secondary maintenance is completed, the maintenance workers should fill in the maintenance records in detail, and the mechanical and electrical equipment department Acceptance with the operator, the acceptance form is handed over to the Equipment Section for filing.

Sixth, troubleshooting

1, the phenomenon of failure: fine-grained

reason: more hammers;

Solution: Reduce one or two layers of hammers;

2, failure phenomenon: coarse grain size

Reason: loose belt or low speed;

Solution: tighten the belt and check if the voltage is 380V;

3, failure phenomenon: broken body swing

Reason: The centrifugal force of the rotor is not balanced;

Solution: Replace the new hammer or adjust the weight of the pusher.

Seven, composite crusher repair

1. The vertical composite crusher has a large crushing ratio, and the maximum crushing ratio can reach the discharge granularity and can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is not affected by the wear of the hammer and the lining;

2. No sieve bar setting, it is not easy to block when crushing materials with high moisture content and large mud content;

3. The use of elastic adjustment mechanism, into the non-breakable material can be automatically discharged, will not cause equipment damage;

4. The bearing horizontal arrangement, long life, can break high temperature materials (such as cement clinker), the rotor structure of the machine is unique, when the material is broken, the rotor body is hardly worn;

5. The rear cavity is provided with a screw rod or a hydraulic opening mechanism, and the wearing parts can be easily replaced without using the main equipment.

Eighth, safe operating procedures

1. Before starting the machine, check whether the door of the composite crusher is closed. Open the door to stop the machine to prevent danger.

2. The crusher must be started at no load, and it can be discharged after the normal operation;

3. The particle size of the material to be fed shall be in accordance with the requirements, and the equipment shall be damaged due to excessive assembly;

4. If abnormal phenomena are found during the crushing process, stop the inspection and eliminate the fault before production.

5. Regularly add lubricating oil to the rotating bearing parts.

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