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How to choose a crusher

As the main equipment for mining, the crusher equipment is mainly used for crushing stones of different sizes. Mainly used in cement, electric power, mining, metallurgy, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and other industries, processing marble, limestone, slag, building materials waste, coal gangue and other materials, the application field is very extensive, and the demand is large, purchased A good crusher not only improves the rate, saves energy, but also reduces the cost of use.

When purchasing a crusher, it should be considered from many aspects, considering the characteristics of the material itself, such as the type and hardness of the material, the water content, the degree of splitting, the size of the material entering and exiting, the construction site and the output.

Crusher buying tips

1. Material type and hardness

Material type and hardness are important principles in selecting a crusher. The hardness of different materials is different, and the hardness of the material is usually expressed by Mohs hardness. The molar hardness is divided into 10 grades. The greater the molar hardness, the harder it is to break the ore and vice versa.

2. Water content of the material

The moisture content of the material will also affect the choice of crusher. When the moisture content is too large, the fine material will agglomerate or stick to the coarse particulate material due to the increase of humidity, thereby increasing the viscosity of the material, reducing the drainage speed of the ore, and reducing the production efficiency. If the situation is serious, it may even cause the drain to be blocked, which will affect normal production.

3. Structural density of materials

The degree of structural density of the material also directly affects the productivity of the crusher - when the ore breaks, it is easy to break along the cleavage plane. Therefore, the productivity of the broken ore that solves the haircut is much higher than that of the dense structure of the broken structure.

4. Particle size of feed and discharge

The particle size of the feed and discharge is used to determine the type of comminution equipment and the degree of comminution. If the content of coarse particles (large dry discharge port size) in the crushed material is high, or the maximum feed block and feed width are relatively large, the crushing ratio that the crusher needs to achieve (the particle size of the material before crushing and the material after crushing) The ratio of the particle diameters is large. Therefore, the production efficiency is lowered. If the fine particle content of the crushed material (close to or smaller than the size of the discharge port) is larger, or the ratio of the maximum feed block to the feed width is smaller, the crushing to be achieved is relatively small, and should be correspondingly Improve the productivity of crushed materials.

5. Broken work site

The construction site area is also one of the factors that people should consider when choosing a crusher. In addition, the location of the crushing equipment also affects the choice of crusher.

6. Production capacity

Production capacity is also an important indicator for determining the selection of crushing equipment. The traditional understanding is that the higher the production requirements, the larger the specifications of the required crushing equipment, and the corresponding inputs and outputs will increase.

Crusher purchase considerations

1, choose the right one

Before we buy the crusher, we must first determine what materials we want to work on. We should determine which type of crusher should be used according to our own needs, and which size of the crusher.

In addition, the specific gravity of the ore should be considered. The specific gravity of the ore is directly proportional to the productivity of the crusher. The same crusher will have different productivity when dealing with ore with different specific gravity. There is also the total production volume and distribution requirements of the finished product, according to the choice of crusher type and production capacity; physical properties of the material, such as friability, viscosity, moisture sediment content and larger feed size; technical and economic indicators, do To meet the requirements of quality and quantity, easy to operate, reliable work, and a large amount of cost savings; crushing equipment is a big investment, customers must be cautious when choosing.

2, structural performance

Reasonable structure and excellent performance are prerequisites for the purchase of high-quality equipment. Therefore, the equipment should be carefully checked and compared. If necessary, the equipment can be tested and operated to ensure the safety of the equipment. The purchase is carried out under the guidance of the industry, in order to obtain satisfactory equipment, such equipment is not prone to failure during the work process, and the energy consumption is lower, and the economic benefits created for the user are more considerable. After comparing the structural performance to ensure safety, we should also pay attention to the rate of equipment to enhance economic benefits.

3, equipment work efficiency

The working efficiency of the equipment can be judged from the actual situation of the crushing equipment in operation. When the crushing equipment is broken, the crushing speed is faster. When the machine starts feeding, the crushing operation will start. The material will be broken successfully without too long, and the broken material has uniform particle size; and the quality is not good. Although the crushing equipment can also break the stone smoothly, the crushing speed is very slow, which not only delays the rate of industrial construction, but also the particle size of the material after being crushed is very uneven.

In addition, when the content of coarse particles (large dry discharge port size) in the crushed material is high or the ratio of the larger size of the ore feed to the width of the feed port is large, the crusher needs to achieve a large crushing ratio, so the productivity is lowered; When the content of fine material (close to or smaller than the size of the discharge port) is large or the ratio of the larger size of the ore to the width of the ore is small, the crushing ratio to be achieved is small, so the productivity is increased correspondingly.

For the equipment rate, it is very important to choose the crusher manufacturer of the family business. The professional manufacturer meets to understand the various conditions of the user's specific site, and for various variables, material properties, potential by-products of the mining area and quarry, The final product nature and other factors that may affect the process performance are evaluated; after fully understanding the user's production line capacity, final grain size, grain type requirements and user investment cost budget, choose the right, economic, and productivity for the customer. High crushing equipment, pay attention to the quality of the equipment while paying attention to the rate.

4, equipment quality

The crusher is a very complicated process, so we must choose the manufacturer of the industry when selecting the equipment. In addition, the sealability of the joint of the crusher can be tested. The test can be carried out by loading not less than 10 red bricks into the machine for crushing. The standard of the seal should be that the joint does not leak ash; the non-broken material falls into the machine for the safety test. The cast iron parts can be selected for testing; the quality of the rust removal of the welded structural parts can be tested by the sample comparison method or by the stop test method; the discharge size can be determined by the sieve set of the standard mesh holes; the production capacity can be used continuously. The operation is measured by the time-folding algorithm; the test of the withstand voltage performance of the electrical control box edge resistance is to comply with the provisions of GB/T5226.1, etc., to detect the quality of the crusher equipment. When we have tested the quality of the equipment, we must pay attention to whether the after-sales service of this manufacturer is in place. This also determines whether the equipment can be solved in time and not delayed if the equipment encounters problems.

5, after sales service

As we all know, the health service can make users have no worries, especially in the after-sales service. For the user, in order to ensure the company's future production profit, investment costs, operating costs, design rates, operating standards, maintenance, parts inventory and stacking methods must be considered.

Regular crushing equipment manufacturers should include: providing professional transportation services. If users need technical services, they will send technical service personnel to open the acceptance and guide the installation and commissioning work until the equipment is in normal operation; Train technicians for customers to keep them informed of equipment usage, maintenance and simple repair techniques. In the process of production equipment failure, the manufacturer must come up with a clear solution within 24 hours after receiving the customer's call, and will quickly solve the problem by first recovering the production and then investigating responsibility. When we determine the quality, performance, rate and after-sales of the equipment, we must pay attention to the price of equipment. The price is the core factor of our concern, and it is also related to the immediate interests of the manufacturers. Therefore, the price/performance ratio of the products is also an important factor in our decision to purchase. .

6, equipment price

Reasonable prices can reduce the cost of the previous period. Only affordable and cheap equipment can be praised and favored. At the same time, the price factors are also multi-faceted. Only after continuous comparison can we buy affordable crusher equipment. The crusher manufacturers have large, medium and small, so the price of the crushing equipment naturally has high, medium and low points. But the low price does not mean that it is really cheap. The comprehensive cost performance of the crushing equipment is what users should pay more attention to. In order to buy a cost-effective crushing equipment, it is recommended that users choose a larger crushing equipment manufacturer, but they must choose the crushing equipment manufacturer of the industry, and better manufacturers can develop high and excellent equipment. When choosing, you should have a general understanding of the manufacturer's credibility, comprehensive strength, and technical level.

The above are some tips and purchase precautions when purchasing the crusher. When purchasing the crusher, you must also select the quality of the production equipment after the comparison, the reputation is high, the after-sales service is good, so you can purchase the qualified The crusher also relieves the worries of the purchase.

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