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How to repair the wear of the main shaft of the briquetting machine?

In the molding process of powdered materials, briquetting machines are used as the main molding equipment in most cases, especially in the briquette industry. The briquetting machine has gradually become a forming equipment for some mineral powders, but as time goes by, the main shaft of some briquetting machines will appear abnormal noise and other wear conditions. How to repair the abrasion of the main shaft of the briquetting machine? The following briquetting machine manufacturers have compiled the repair methods and process steps for the wear of the main shaft of the briquetting machine for your reference.

Reasons for the wear of the main shaft of the briquetting machine

There are many reasons for the wear of the main shaft of the briquetting machine, but the main reason is determined by the characteristics of the metal used to manufacture the shaft. Although the metal is high in hardness, it has poor concession (it cannot be restored after deformation), poor impact resistance, and fatigue resistance. Poor, so it is easy to cause adhesive wear, abrasive wear, fatigue wear, fretting wear, etc. Most of the shaft wear is not easy to detect. Only when the machine is high temperature, large pulsation, abnormal noise, etc., most of the shafts are worn. This causes the machine to stop.

Repair method of main shaft wear of briquetting machine

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1. Traditional repair welding, etc.

Aiming at the problems of shaft and inner bore wear, traditional repair methods generally use repair welding, inserting bushings, etc. If the downtime is short and there are spare parts, generally new shafts will be replaced. The repair welding machining process itself is easy to cause local thermal stress on the shaft surface, causing the hidden danger of shaft breakage, and the repair welding machining process requires a lot of manpower and time to disassemble, transport and install the equipment, and its repair time is long, comprehensive Repair costs are high.

2. Polymer composite repair

Another method of repairing the main shaft of the briquetting machine is to use polymer composite materials and related tooling to repair the worn parts on the spot. The briquetting machine and reducer do not need to be disassembled on the basis of ensuring the repair accuracy and meeting the equipment operating conditions.

After replacing the new coupler, repair the spindle. First, repair the keyway and rolling key problem. Then, according to the measured size, the shaft shoulder is used as the positioning surface, and the shaft diameter is repaired. The machining repair mold uses the rear shaft shoulder size as the positioning for repair.

Process steps for repairing the spindle wear of the briquetting machine

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1. Replace the new key to align the keyway of the shaft end, and repair the severely worn position of the keyway;

2. Empty test mold, assembly mold;

3. Shaft surface treatment: use wooden blocks to protect the keyway by roasting, polishing, and cleaning;

4. Brush 803 release agent on the inner surface of the mold, bolts and bolt holes positioning pins, and dry them for later use;

5. Coat the surface of the shaft with polymer composite repair materials, the coating thickness is greater than the standard size of the shaft;

6. Tighten the mold and squeeze out the excess material from the discharge chute;

7. Let the repair material cure naturally for 16 hours and remove the mold;

8. Remove excess materials, clean out the keyway, measure the shaft diameter and meet the design standards;

9. Test the coupler by turning the keyway up to the shaft end;

10. Brush the release agent on the coupler, apply the polymer composite repair material to the shaft repair surface again, and assemble the coupler;

11. Wait for the material to solidify and complete the repair.

Regarding how to repair the wear of the main shaft of the briquetting machine, the above is the repair method and process steps organized by the briquetting machine manufacturer for everyone. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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