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Repair and maintenance methods of compound crusher

The compound crusher has a high crushing capacity for hard materials, and is widely used in the crushing of machine-made sand, gravel and metal ores. We all know that we humans also need to undergo medical examinations at regular intervals, and machines are of course no exception. Routine overhaul and maintenance can discover and solve problems in advance, so as not to cause big losses. The following crusher manufacturers have sorted out the inspection and maintenance methods for the composite crusher, please look down!

Overhaul of compound crusher

1. The reliability and sensitivity of the air pressure automatic switch. The start and stop of the compound crusher are usually directly driven by the air pressure automatic switch (air pressure relay) to directly drive the AC contactor to automatically control the motor. Most of the pneumatic automatic switches adopt a mechanical structure, which uses springs to compress and release energy to operate the contacts. Perhaps it is due to the congenital deficiency of the automatic air pressure switch or the influence of different reasons such as improper adjustment and machine vibration.

2. The mechanical operation of the compound crusher is relatively simple in electrical control (not the low-power type). Generally, it is a single unit that works on a stand-alone basis. It is in an unemployed situation and the failure is not handled in time. Relatively speaking, the failure is repeated and enlarged. The rate has increased.

3. Hammer head loss: The lime crushing function is mainly realized by the series of impact, impact, shearing, squeezing and other forces between the hammer head and liner of the composite crusher and the lime. The hammer head is one of the main easy-wearing parts. After a fixed time of work, the working surface of the hammer head will be damaged and the surface shape will change. At this time, the gap between the hammer head and the liner (generally required to be less than 10mm) increases , The friction force between each other is greatly reduced, which is the main form of hammer wear loss.

The loss of the hammer is inevitable, and only the use time of the hammer can be increased as much as possible. First, ensure the accuracy of the lime entering the composite crusher, and avoid metal lumps and other sundries entering the composite crusher to damage the hammer or liner.

compound crusher

Secondly, wear-resistant materials such as high-carbon manganese alloy cast steel or cast white iron are used as the hammer head material to improve the wear resistance coefficient of the hammer head and reduce the loss in the general case of the number of replacements. It can also be achieved by adjusting the hammer head.

The technical parameters of the crusher will also affect the service life of the hammer, the main ones being the power and speed of the rotor. They are not only related to the production capacity of the crusher, but also to the degree of impact hardening of the hammer. The hammer head has a good impact hardening degree, and its service life will be prolonged. It is found that the hammer mill loss is serious, and it must be replaced or repaired in time to ensure the normal ability of crushing lime.

4. Bearing problems: Bearing damage is mainly caused by the unbalanced installation of the rotor or bearing, the aging of the bearing seal ring, the dust entering after wear, the partial force of the rotor during high-speed operation, and the insufficient lubrication of the bearing. Limited by the working environment and working methods, it is required to adopt the specified coordination coefficient; when installing, pay attention to the balanced installation of the rotor. Generally, the bearing with strong load-bearing capacity and good self-aligning performance is used as the rotor bearing. The calculated life of the bearing should be selected 5000-10000h is appropriate.

Due to the limitation of the working environment and working mode of the compound crusher, the matching requirements between the outer ring of the bearing and the bearing seat hole and the inner ring of the bearing and the journal are different from those of ordinary equipment, and the specified matching coefficient is required. Pay attention to the balanced installation of the rotor during installation. Lubricating oil should be added to the bearings regularly to ensure that the metal hard pieces do not enter the composite crusher, so as to prevent the rotor and the bearing from being damaged by strong local forces and causing damage to the hammer. In addition, pay attention to the replacement of hammerheads that are seriously damaged, so as to prevent hammerheads with different masses from generating different centrifugal forces during high-speed operation, which will cause the rotor and bearings to be unbalanced and worn during operation.

5. Sound failure: During the operation of the compound crusher, a very violent percussion sound is produced in the crushing cavity.

Firstly, immediately turn off the power of the crusher, stop the machine and clean the crushing cavity; secondly, the machine will produce huge vibrations during operation, check whether any materials that cannot be crushed enter the crushing cavity; then, check the tightening of the liner and the hammer The gap between the liner and the liner is to confirm whether the wear-resistant liner has fallen off.

6. Particle size problem: The particle size of the compound crusher is too large during the discharging process.

First, adjust the front and rear impact frame gaps or replace severely worn liners and hammers; second, adjust the position of the impact frame so that the two sides and the frame liner can reach the relative gap to ensure the discharge granularity.

Daily maintenance of compound crusher

The compound crusher is mainly used for crushing the stone material, and it bears a relatively large degree of wear and pressure, so the operator needs to check and maintain the crushing equipment on a regular basis. We often say that we need to maintain the equipment, so what should we do to maintain the equipment? What are the main things to do?

1. The first thing to do is the daily inspection: the daily inspection of the composite crusher is the inspection before opening and during operation. The inspection includes the wear condition of the parts, whether the bearing is lubricated, whether the fasteners or bolts are loose, and the machine Check whether the discharge granularity of the equipment is uniform, whether there is abnormal vibration inside the cylinder, and whether the temperature rise of the compound crusher is normal. This is a basic matter and must be checked well, otherwise it will malfunction and affect normal work.

2. Then there is the important lubrication work: the lubricating oil is to reduce the friction of the equipment and reduce the degree of equipment damage. This requires that there should be no impurities or other sundries in the lubricating oil. The bearing oil needs to be filled with half of the solvent in the entire space. If the oil is too full, the grease will easily overflow. Be sure to pay attention to the lubricating oil temperature during operation to avoid excessive temperature and burn out parts.

3. Pay attention to keeping the equipment clean: the crusher is crushing stones, and it is inevitable that dust will enter. If the equipment is cleaned irregularly, it will cause the equipment to wear out, so it should be cleaned regularly.

4. On the plane of the bottom frame of the movable device, dust and other debris should be removed to prevent the movable bearing from moving on the bottom frame when the machine encounters unbreakable materials, which may cause serious accidents.

compound crusher

Maintenance of compound crusher

(1) Mainly operating workers, assisted by maintenance workers, dismantling and inspecting parts of the equipment according to the plan, cleaning the specified parts, dredging the oil passages and pipelines, replacing or cleaning the oil lines, felts, and oil filters, and adjusting various parts of the equipment Fit the gap and tighten all parts of the equipment. The maintenance time is 2-4h. After the warranty is completed, a record should be made and the defects that have not been cleared should be noted. The Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Department organizes the acceptance. The operator should fill in the maintenance record in detail, and the acceptance form shall be submitted to the Equipment Department for archiving.

(2) Mainly maintenance workers, and operators participate to complete. 2. Maintenance is included in the equipment maintenance plan, part of the equipment is disassembled, inspected and repaired, worn parts replaced or repaired, cleaned, oil changed, and electrical parts are inspected and repaired, so that the technical condition of the equipment meets the requirements of the prescribed equipment integrity standards. Second, the maintenance time is about 1-3 days. After the completion of the second guarantee, the maintenance worker shall fill in the detailed maintenance record, which shall be checked and accepted by the Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Department and the operator, and the acceptance form shall be submitted to the Equipment Department for archiving.

(3) A compulsory maintenance system that focuses on the operator and pays equal attention to the maintenance of the equipment. The three-maintenance system is to rely on the staff, give full play to the proactiveness of the staff, implement group management and group repair, group combination, and there are ways to do a good job in equipment maintenance.

After reading the article, know the daily inspection and maintenance methods of the compound crusher. These are all necessary. Routine overhaul and maintenance of the compound crusher can increase the life of the equipment and increase productivity.

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