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Introduction of Roller Skin of Briquetting Machine

The high-pressure counter-roller briquetting machine is a device for pressing powdery materials into balls. The following materials can be briquetted, pelletized or pelletized, such as aluminum shavings, activated carbon, alumina, bauxite, caustic soda, charcoal, clay, coke shavings, coal, cryolite, fertilizers, plastics, limestone, pigments, Urea, potash, etc.

Its purpose is to reduce dust, control volumetric weight, return to use, and improve transportation characteristics. It is mainly used to suppress powder materials that are difficult to form. It is characterized by large forming pressure, adjustable host rotation speed, and a spiral feeding device. Mainly used for: coal powder molding; dry powder molding; desulfurized gypsum molding; coke powder molding; iron filings and various metal ore powder molding, etc.

roller skin of briquetting machine

The roller skin of the briquetting machine is in direct contact with the material and is subjected to the pressure from the roller to polymerize the powder. Therefore, if you work continuously for a long time, wear is inevitable. Improper application or long-term application requires the replacement of new roller skins. In particular, if you take too hard debris mixed in the material and the machine is not equipped with hydraulic protection device, it is easy to damage the roller skin. Therefore, the maintenance work of the roller skin is done, which greatly improves and helps the durability of the lime powder briquetting machine.

Before the operator takes the post, check whether there is any looseness of the pressure roller. If the pressure roller deviates, it does not correspond and it is easy to wear the roller skin. If the pressure roller deviates and becomes loose, the staff must take a shutdown, reinstall it, and then start the operation. After the work is completed, the roller ball of the lime powder briquetting machine must be cleaned to ensure the cleanness of the pressure roller.

One is that the roller skin material is very influential. Therefore, users should make important reference when choosing lime powder briquetting machine. If the quality and material of the roller skin are not up to standard, there is no good foundation. Even if the protective measures of the briquetting machine are in place, the occurrence of wear cannot be avoided. Therefore, the quality of the roller skin is an important premise and guarantee.

roller skin of briquetting machine

Lime powder materials are guaranteed not to be doped with any debris: such as stones, nails, hard metals. If economic conditions permit, a drum screen can be used, which can be used for boring screening first, or at the feed inlet. Install metal detection installation to separate non-pressed ball materials early. The selected lime powder can be entered into the lime powder briquetting machine by an automatic feeder. In the case of too much material, the pressure roller may also be damaged.

In the production line of the roller briquetting machine, the ball socket of the briquetting machine will occasionally have a left and right misalignment. This situation is very rare. It is recommended that the user should do daily maintenance of the equipment. If this happens, the briquetting machine The manufacturer recommends to adjust according to the following methods:

First find out the adjustment disk provided at the end of the passive gear, loosen the surrounding screws, and use a manual wrench to tighten the screw top wire until the adjustment disk is in a loose state;

Then adjust to the best state according to the misalignment of the two ball sockets. When this phenomenon occurs, first check whether the bearing is damaged. If there is, replace the bearing, if not, loosen it. You need to adjust the top cover of the bearing housing of the pressure roller;

According to the amount of displacement, add or subtract gaskets at both ends of the bearing top cover;

Finally tighten the cover bolt.

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