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Knowledge of briquetting machine rolls

The roller skin of the ball press is a cylindrical shape member with a ball and socket dug on the surface layer of the roller core of the ball press. For ball presses and other equipment, the roller skin is a key component and plays an important role. The life of the roller skin determines the life of the ball press and also determines the shape of the ball press.

Roller skin material

The material of the roller skin of the ball press is divided into 65 manganese, 9 chromium 2 molybdenum, high chromium alloy and so on. When pressing different materials, different ball press roller skins should be selected: 65 manganese material is more popular, belongs to steel castings, and has a lower cost. It is generally used on small-volume ball presses, such as coal powder ball presses. Can crush coal powder, coke powder, charcoal powder and other materials: 9 Cr 2 Mo, high chrome alloy ball press roller is a forged part, mainly used in medium and large-scale coal briquette presses with high output. , Iron powder, magnesia powder, laterite nickel ore, etc.

Selection of ball and socket size for roller compactor

According to the needs of different users, the roller skin of the ball press is mainly divided into different shapes such as goose egg shape, trapezoid, cuboid, stadium type and so on.

The size of the roller ball and socket of the ball pressing machine cannot be too small. If it is too small, the pressure of the whole machine cannot be reached, and it is also a fixed problem when holding the ball, and the small ball and socket are being manufactured It is also quite troublesome, and the production cost is much higher than normal, so the size of the roller skin ball socket cannot be too small; if the size of the roller skin ball socket is too large, it is quite convenient for production For users, it is also very convenient, but it is also a problem to put into use afterwards. In large cases, the hardness will definitely decrease, and the strength may not meet the requirements for use. Therefore, the size is not too large.

The shape and size of the ball sockets of different types of ball presses will vary depending on the materials in order to meet various requirements. For example, for dry powder ball presses, you need to choose flat ball sockets, and the ball sockets are not large and shallow. The main reason is that dry powder ball presses do not allow any stickiness when pressing raw materials. Mixtures, if deep and large ball sockets are used, the ball formation rate is not high. It is even difficult to shape.

For briquette ball presses, large ball sockets should be used as much as possible, and the ball sockets should be set in the shape of balls, so as long as the moisture content of the materials and the amount of binder are controlled, the finished product rate of the pressed balls is as high as 95% , And the ball strength is very good. If it doesn't work, you can try to press the ball twice to ensure the ball formation rate and strength. Therefore, the style design of the roller skin of the ball press equipment should also refer to and follow other aspects.

According to the current ball press production practice, the size of the current roller skin goose egg-shaped ball socket is generally 10mm-7mm. As for the size of the other shapes of the ball and socket, it needs to be customized according to different requirements. The output of the ball press is also determined based on the size of the ball socket.

roller skin of the ball press

The ball press roller skin installation

There are four installation methods, and everyone can compare their ball presses to install the appropriate method.

1. Bolt fastening method, that is, the roller sleeve and the hub are designed with bolt holes and tightened with refined high-strength bolts. This method is convenient for the field disassembly of the roller sleeve. Machine applications.

2. The cone sleeve assembly method, that is, the roll sleeve or the hub is designed with a taper, and it is tightened by the middle cone sleeve. This form is conducive to the disassembly of the roller sleeve and is used in the low and medium pressure ball press.

3. The tight fit hot-loading method, that is, the roller sleeve with ball socket is heated and installed on the wheel hub. This assembly form has high processing accuracy and strict processing temperature control. It must be useful when replacing, and it is generally used in high-pressure ball presses. Powerful ball press.

4. Key connection assembly method: The shaft and the sleeve have key grooves. The shaft and the sleeve are connected by keys. Because the shaft has key grooves and threads, the diameter of the main shaft of the ball press equipment is slightly larger than the shaft diameter of the keyless assembly. .

The ball press roller skin disassembly

1. The power must be turned off, and the main switch can be turned on.

2. After the power is cut off, put a warning “under repair” in a conspicuous position.

3. First perform pressure relief treatment on the lubricating pump, pull the switch for the supply belt of the mine belt, clean up the pumice on the belt head, remove and remove the four major parts, such as the cutout cover, the large pot, the cover plate, and the fixed cone dust cover. . The crane needs to be commanded by people during the lifting process, and strictly observe the lifting operation regulations.

4. If the old lining board cannot be removed, you can use gas welding to cut and clean the inner surface of the rack.

How to prevent roller skin damage during ball forming

The pressure roller is the core component of the ore powder ball press. It directly contacts the material and uses strong pressure to press the raw material into a ball. If the ball press material contains high hardness impurities such as metals, the roller skin will be damaged. Ball press machine manufacturers suggest to install iron remover to solve this problem, it can remove all kinds of impurities contained in raw materials to ensure that the ball press molding process will not adversely affect the pressure roller.

The common problem of the roller skin installation

roller skin of the ball press

1. Misalignment of the roller skin of the ball press

If there is a "dislocation" in the circumferential direction, we can have an adjustment disk at the passive gear, and use the adjustment disk to make the following adjustments: first loosen the circumferential bolt, then use a manual wrench to tighten the top wire, and then press the direction of the displacement and how much To determine the direction of the top wire and the number of buckles, tighten the circumferential bolt on the adjustment disk, and then insert the test board to test the misalignment and adjust.

If there is an axial misalignment, we can first loosen the cover of the bearing seat that needs to be adjusted, and then add or subtract gaskets on the bearing cover according to the amount of displacement, and then tighten the gland bolts.

2.There is abnormal noise after installation

There is a strange noise behind the roller skin and it is intermittent. In fact, this problem is very simple, mainly caused by irrational assembly.

The link between the main shaft of the ball press and the reducer is a coupling. Most of the swash plate couplings are used. During the assembly process, it is necessary to ensure that the three parts of the swash plate, the output shaft of the reducer, and the main shaft of the ball press are the same. On the center line, the deviation should not exceed 3mm, because many customers do not have spreaders on the site, and the machinery and equipment are heavy, so the ideal result was not achieved during the assembly process.

It is found that such problems are not resolved in time. Light will cause damage to the coupling, and heavy ones will break the reducer casing. Therefore, it must be resolved in time to avoid serious consequences. Abnormal sound will also occur when the reducer is short of oil. It is necessary to check the oil level of the reducer in time to avoid dry grinding.

Major advantages of mosaic roller skin

1. Easy to replace

When the roller skin wears to a certain extent, it needs to be replaced, and it can be replaced in only four hours. After the overall roller skin wear, it needs to be returned to the factory for repair. The period will take 14 days. Longer time, the neck of the owner of the card, there is no way to worry. The manufacturer's repair method is to cut off the roller skin by gas cutting and remove the two bearing seats and bearings. It is easy to hurt the shaft during the disassembly process. At this time, the shaft must be ground with holes. It's gone.

2. Long life

Because under the premise of the same material, the service life of the inlaid roller skin is 1.5 times that of the whole set. After the heat treatment of the inlaid roller skin is no longer used to heat the assembly with a fire source, but bolts and keys are used to firmly attach the wheel segment, and the entire roller skin needs to be heated to 180-220 degrees Celsius before it can be opened. Sleeve on the shaft, the hardness will be reduced by 8-10HRC during this process, the hardness will be shortened and the life will be shortened.

3. Low cost

Manufacturers who use the overall roll skin must reserve two sets of spare parts, otherwise the turnover will not open, and the inlaid roll skin can be replaced flexibly, whichever can not be used, which can be exchanged.

Ball cleaning machine roller cleaning method

1. After each pressing production of the ball press, the roll skin must be cleaned in real time to ensure that there is no residue in the ball socket of the roll skin. This can avoid the problem of difficult to clean up the material residue after a long time . Moreover, it can also ensure that the subsequent production will not be deformed or derolled due to the residue.

2. If the rollers cannot be demolded or the pellets are produced irregularly, then a series of adjustments to the roller skins are needed, because long-term production runs may cause the roller skins to be misaligned or offset. After the adjustment, observe whether the ball is regular. If it is still irregular, check other parts.

3. The maintenance work of the ball press roller skin should be cleaned and maintained every time and every day according to regulations. No matter what equipment, timely cleaning and maintenance are the prerequisites to ensure the normal operation of the equipment without failure. Only the maintenance of the guaranteed equipment can guarantee the life and operating quality of the equipment, and further progress to ensure the production of product failure.

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