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What is the internal structure of the hammer crusher? How does it work?

The hammer crusher is composed of a box body, a rotor, a hammer head, a backing liner, and a caster bar. Several rows of hanging hammer bodies are installed on the main shaft of the crusher, and pin shafts are penetrated through the pin holes on the circumference of the crusher. The hammer shaft is used to hinge the hammer between each row of hanging hammer bodies. The working surface can be replaced after the hammer is worn. There are two trapped pin holes on the top. The distance from the pin hole to the axis of rotation is different. It is used to adjust the space between the hammer and the grate.

In order to prevent platinum movement of the hammer body and the hammer, the compression hammer disk and the lock nut are used at both ends of the hammer body to be unchanged, and the two ends are supported on the rolling bearing, and the bearing screws are not changed on the casing. The main shaft and the motor are directly connected by an elastic coupling. In order to make the rotor operate smoothly, one end of the main shaft is equipped with a flywheel.

The arc-shaped discharge screen is installed under the rotor, and the two ends of the grate are installed on the beam. The grate outside the staff is pressed with a pressure plate. The direction of the grate is perpendicular to the direction of rotor movement. The grate space protrudes from the middle of the grate Partially formed, in order to facilitate the discharge of processing raw materials, the grate slits gradually increase downward, and at this time they are also skewed in the direction of rotor rotation.

Hammer crusher structure

hammer crusher

1. Chassis

The shell of the hammer crusher is composed of the lower machinery, the back upper cover, the left side wall and the right side wall, and the parts are connected together by screws, the top is built with a feeding port, and the inner wall of the shell is all lined with high manganese steel Inlay is convenient for replacement after the lining is worn. The lower machine is welded with carbon structural steel plate. In order to place the bearings on both sides to support the rotor, the bearing support is welded with high manganese steel. The bottom of the chassis can be directly used with anchor screws. The concrete remains unchanged. The rear upper cover, left side wall and right side wall of the casing are also welded with carbon structural steel plates.

There is no protective measures between the casing and the shaft. The ash leakage phenomenon is very serious. In order to prevent ash leakage, The shaft seal is installed in any part of the casing that contacts the shaft. In order to facilitate maintenance, adjustment and replacement of the caster bar and hammer head, maintenance holes are opened on the lower machine and both side walls.

2. Rotor

The rotor is the main working part of the hammer crusher. The rotor is composed of the main shaft, hammer disc, pin shaft, hammer head, etc., and the pin holes are evenly distributed on the disc. The hammer head is suspended by the pin shaft. In order to prevent the disc and hammer head The axial movement of the shaft is fixed at both ends of the pin shaft with a lock nut, the rotor is supported on two rolling bearings, the bearing is unchanged on the support of the lower machine through screws, and the two positioning pins are not changed at the distance between the bearings.

In order to reduce the peak load of the motor and reduce the wear of the hammer head, the rotor is purposely equipped with a flywheel at the end of the main shaft in order to store the kinetic energy of the rotor in motion. The main parts of the rotor are specifically described below.

3. Spindle

The main shaft is the main part of the hammer crusher supporting the rotor. The weight and impact force of the rotor and hammer head are borne by it. Therefore, the material of the main shaft needs to have improved toughness and stress performance. The material of the main shaft uses good performance alloys The steel is crushed by ultrasonic flaw detection for quenching and tempering. 2.2 The hammer disc of the hammer disc hammer crusher is used as a suspended hammer head. In the operation of the hammer crusher, the hammer disc cannot prevent the impact and rock Friction, so the hammer plate needs to have its wear resistance. The hammer plate and hammer hole use high-strength steel carburizing heat treatment to improve its wear resistance.

4. Hammerhead

The hammer head is an important working part of the hammer crusher. The performance, shape and material of the hammer head are related to the capacity of the hammer crusher. The size of the kinetic energy of the hammer head is proportional to the weight of the hammer head. The heavier the hammer head is, The greater the kinetic energy, the higher the crushing efficiency. The weight type of the hammer head is complete. The small hammer head is 15 kg, and the large hammer head can reach 298 kg. A variety of hammer head weights can be designed according to customer requirements. The hammer head uses new types of good performance Multi-element high chromium manganese steel composite casting, its use time is several times that of the usual hammer head.

5. Liner and impact plate

The hammer crusher beats the rock at high speed with the hammer head, and the rock has a great speed and kinetic energy in an instant. In order to prevent the wear of the frame, the inner wall of the frame is made of manganese steel as the lining plate, and the impact plate is made of high-strength steel. Strengthen the disposal, the superior wear resistance and impact resistance of the lining plate and the impact plate. Due to the harsh working environment of the hammer crusher, the performance of the hammer crusher is related to its service life. The material of the combined parts.

The advantages of hammer crusher

(1) Working hammer head, using new workmanship casting, with wear resistance and impact resistance.

(2) The required granularity can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

(3) The structure of the hammer crushing machine is sealed, and the problems of dust pollution and mechanical ash leakage in the crushing workshop are dealt with.

(4) The overall design is beautiful in appearance, compact in structure, few wearing parts, easy to repair and so on. It is a rectification and replacement machine.

(5) Compact structure, beautiful appearance, good wear resistance, convenient maintenance and protection.

Operation principle of hammer crusher

The hammer crusher mainly relies on impact energy to complete the crushing of raw materials. When the hammer crusher is working, the motor drives the rotor for high-speed operation, and the raw materials are evenly entered into the crusher cavity. The high-speed rotary hammer impacts and shears The processing material is torn by the torn processing material. At this time, the gravity of the processing material causes the processing material to rush from the high-speed hammer to the baffle and sieve bar in the frame. Continue to obtain the impact and milling of the hammer on the bar until it is crushed to the desired discharge particle size and then discharged out of the machine through the caster bar.

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