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How to maintain and maintain the metal briquetting machine daily?

The metal briquetting machine directly cold presses various metal scraps through high pressure, which is convenient for storage, transportation and recycling. It is widely used in steel mills, recycling and processing industries, non-ferrous and ferrous metal smelting industries and renewable industries.

In order to improve the quality of use of the metal briquetting machine and prolong its service life, the daily maintenance and maintenance of the metal briquetting machine must be done. Here is a brief introduction to the specific operation process of maintenance and maintenance.

1. When disassembling the filler cap, filter cap, inspection hole, hydraulic tubing and other parts of the hydraulic oil tank of the metal briquetting machine, avoid dust when the system oil passage is exposed. The disassembled part must be thoroughly cleaned before opening. For example, when removing the hydraulic oil tank filler cap, first remove the dirt around the fuel tank cap, unscrew the fuel tank cap, and remove the debris remaining in the joint (not flush with water to prevent water from infiltrating the fuel tank), and then open the fuel tank cap after cleaning.

metal briquetting machine

If you need to use a wiping material and a hammer, you should choose a wiping material that does not remove fiber impurities and a special hammer with rubber attached to the striking surface. Hydraulic components and hydraulic hoses should be carefully cleaned and assembled after drying with high-pressure air. Use a well-packed filter element (the inner packaging is damaged, although the filter element is intact, it may be unclean). Clean the filter at the same time when changing the oil. Before installing the filter element, use the wipe material to carefully clean the bottom dirt in the filter housing.

2. Pay attention to the sound of the hydraulic pump and the overflow valve during the operation of the metal briquetting machine. If the cavitation noise of the hydraulic pump can not be eliminated after exhausting, it should be used after finding the cause and troubleshooting. If an actuator moves slowly when there is no load, accompanied by the sound of overflow valve overflow, it should be shut down immediately for maintenance.

metal briquetting machine

3. Regular maintenance of the metal briquetting machine is required. Check the attachments on the filter screen. For example, excessive metal powder often indicates the wear of the oil pump or the pulling of the oil cylinder. For this, it is necessary to diagnose and take corresponding measures before starting the machine. If the filter screen is damaged or dirt accumulated, it should be replaced in time, and the oil should be changed at the same time if necessary.

In industrial production, metal briquetting presses are widely used because of their easy installation, stable operation, high degree of automation, low failure rate, and easy maintenance. Therefore, in daily operation, it is very important to do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of the metal briquetting machine.

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