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What are the advantages of powder briquetting machine application in the metallurgical industry?

In recent years, powder metallurgy has gradually become a processing method for manufacturing new materials. Direct reduction iron briquetting machine is a process in which various metal powders are used as raw materials to manufacture finished products and metal materials through pressing, sintering and necessary subsequent treatment. With the use of cheap iron powder, powder metallurgy technology has begun to be applied on a large scale in industries such as automobiles and textiles. Speaking of powder metallurgy, it is inseparable from the powder ball press. This is a kind of equipment that presses the powdery materials that are difficult to press into balls. So what are the advantages of the powder ball press for the metallurgical industry?

The application advantages of mineral powder briquetting machine in the metallurgical industry are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

briquetting machine

1. Environmental aspects

Powder scrap should be a relatively difficult project for the metallurgical industry. Stacking and occupying space will also cause certain pollution to the environment, and it will be more troublesome to transport. The powder ball press also does a better job of collecting dust. It can be said that it can play a very good role in improving the environment. If the metal powder is directly transported, it will not only cause dust leakage and pollution problems, but also cause material loss.

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2. Resource reuse

For the metallurgical industry, the value of a lot of dust and scrap is relatively high. For example, many metallurgical powders can be produced through general-purpose and platform-based technologies. Its scalability is very strong, and the ball can be re-invested in production research through the compression of the mineral powder ball press, which greatly increases the profit of the enterprise.

Because metal powder cannot be directly used for smelting, it needs to be pressed into pellets before it can be put into furnace metallurgy. Therefore, the application of ore powder briquetting machine in the metallurgical industry is more and more extensive. Here, Zhongyuan mining equipment manufacturers remind everyone to use it. When the mineral powder ball press machine is used, the material should be pretreated to prevent the material from jamming and blockage at the feed inlet. At the same time, it can also improve the ball formation rate and the strength of the mineral powder ball press machine.

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