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How to use the briquetting machine

As a tool for energy saving, environmental protection and turning waste into treasure, the briquetting machine must follow standard operating procedures during production and use, reasonably arrange production time, and strictly prohibit continuous and uninterrupted operation, which exceeds the tolerance of the equipment. In addition, when starting the equipment, you must pay attention not to start with a load, otherwise there will be a stuffy phenomenon, which will affect the motor or even burn the motor. Next, the briquetting machine manufacturer will explain how to use the briquetting machine.

1. Host (mechanical molding)

Check whether all parts of the electrical appliance are normal before starting up. Check the alignment of the die holes of the two rollers. If they are not aligned, open the gear guard, loosen the six screws on the adjustment plate on the driven gear, turn the passive roller forwards and backwards to align the die holes of the two rollers, and tighten the screws. The working roll spacing should be kept between 0.5-0.8mm. If it is too large or too small, you can loosen the passive roll, the bearing and wire drawing, adjust them, and tighten the screws and wire drawing after adjustment. After starting to produce the finished product, check whether the upper working surface of the double roller is compatible. If there is an error, remove the protective cover on the large gear and loosen the outer ring screw of the driven roller gear for adjustment.

2. Host (Hydraulic Forming)

First check whether the electrical appliances work normally, and whether the steering of the mold roller and hydraulic mercury is positive. Then check whether the die holes of the two rollers are aligned, the distance between the two rollers should be between 0.4-0.6mm, and it should be adjusted if it is too large or too small. If the two-roller die holes are not aligned, the gear guard should be opened, loosen the six screws of the adjustment plate on the driven gear, turn it forward or backward, and tighten the screws after the adjustment is correct. If the distance between the two rollers is large or small, the passive (moving) shaft should be adjusted on the four adjusting wires on both sides of the driving wheel. After everything is normal, the machine oil should be added to the reducer. Add the hydraulic oil to the hydraulic mercury tank. Start the pressure test, which means the bottom of the pressure regulation is 9MPa and the high regulation is 12MPa. Start trial production only after everything is normal.

3. Blender

If the clutch slips during production, the fixed wire on the three-jaw frame can be loosened for adjustment, and the angle of the mixing blades on the two shafts can be adjusted according to the output to ensure the main machine material. If you need to add additional materials (adhesive, waterproof), you can add it in the mixer.

4. Conveyor

During normal work, ensure that the belt does not run off. If the belt is not correct, adjust the front and rear roller bearings to close the top wire.

5. Feeder

First, start the machine to adjust the belt slack, so that the belt must not run off, and then adjust the size of the gate according to the production capacity of the molding machine, so that the amount of material supplied is not too much.

The above is about the use of the various components of the briquetting machine, but as an operator, in addition to being able to operate each host proficiently, what you should also do is to first understand the working conditions of the briquetting machine, such as the briquetting machine is abnormal in the production process Phenomenon occurs, such as checking whether there is accumulation of materials in the machine body, whether there are hard objects such as rocks or iron blocks, check and solve the problem first.

1. Check before starting

Before starting the briquetting machine, first check the tightness of the motor belt and whether the fit between the equipment parts is tight. If it is found to be improper, it should be adjusted in time, and the production can be carried out after the abnormality is eliminated. In addition, it is strictly forbidden for non-professionals to disassemble and modify the equipment without authorization. In order to avoid damage to the equipment, thereby causing unnecessary losses; during the operation of the briquetting machine, it is strictly forbidden to touch all rotating parts; the equipment is strictly forbidden to start with load, and the material should be intermittently loaded before shutting down. After the raw materials in the silo are pressed Shut down again and rinse with tap water after shutdown. When the device is turned on, it is necessary to repeatedly check whether the components are incomplete, whether the connection is intact, and if an abnormality is found, it must be adjusted and then turned on.

2. Adjust the humidity or adhesive of the machine according to the material

After checking the briquetting machine, you need to choose whether to adjust the humidity or add adhesive according to the material of the day. Some materials that do not have the ability to form pellets need the assistance of adhesives to be able to form smoothly, while some materials need to adjust the humidity, which affects the molding effect and pelletizing rate during the use of the briquetting machine.

3. Adjust the pressure according to the material

In addition to adjusting the humidity according to the material and whether to use an adhesive, sometimes it is necessary to adjust the pressure of the briquetting machine according to the material. If the required pressure or particle size of the pressed material is not appropriate, it will not only make the briquetting machine difficult to operate, but also accelerate the wear of the roller.

4. Prepare enough materials

Before the briquetting machine works, prepare enough materials. During the working process of the briquetting machine, the supply of materials is uniform, frequent and sometimes less, and the material interruption and blockage will directly affect the working efficiency of the briquetting machine.

5. Selection of skilled operators

Skilled operators can improve the working efficiency of the briquetting machine, and can solve some small problems and minor defects in the briquetting machine in time. For efficient work of the briquetting machine, be sure to use skilled operators.

The briquetting machine is strictly prohibited from overloading. When the load on the parts reaches the limit, its wear will be greatly increased. In contrast, the service life will be severely shortened. On the contrary, the stable operation of the equipment can not only reduce the wear and failure rate, but also greatly increase the service life.

Therefore, in the production process of the briquetting machine, the operator must strictly follow the regulations to operate, so that the equipment operates in a standardized manner. Reasonable operation and use will greatly reduce the wear of the equipment, increase the service life of the briquetting machine, and bring greater benefits to our production.

Precautions for the use of briquetting machine

In the process of use, do not allow hard lumps to enter the briquetting machine, especially metal materials, otherwise it will directly cause damage to the machine. The size of the material to be processed must be guaranteed. The size below 3 mm is more suitable, otherwise the service life of the machine will be greatly reduced. This material entering the machine must be strictly controlled, and it is directly linked to the length of use of the host.

The transportation volume of materials should also be paid attention to. In the case of ensuring the quality of the materials, the large and small quantities should also be controlled. If the material is supplied too much, it is easy to cause the jam; if the material is too small, the pressure of the briquetting machine is not enough , Cannot work effectively. It is also very important to control the amount of feed in an appropriate amount. The briquetting machine can bring many benefits to everyone.

The second is regular maintenance, and the ancillary equipment should be maintained regularly, such as the refueling of the reducer and bearing seat, etc., which should be paid attention to. Correct use and maintenance methods can effectively reduce the wear of the briquetting machine and increase its life. It is very beneficial to users. When you use it, take care of the briquetting machine, so that the briquetting machine can create value for yourself longer.

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