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It is more convenient to press fluorite powder into blocks

The main function of fluorite powder briquetting machine is to improve resource recycling rate, improve environmental protection level, reduce pollutants and harmless treatment, and finally promote the transformation of steel enterprises to environmentally friendly enterprises. A large number of production practices and research results show that reasonable raw material preparation and technical optimization are very important links in the production process of fluorite powder briquetting machine.

The particle size, particle size composition, specific surface area, surface structure characteristics, hydrophilicity, mineral type and structure of fluorite powder will affect the ball pressing process and green ball quality of fluorite powder briquetting equipment. The fluorite powder briquetting line is the main way to obtain high quality fluorite powder.

High-quality fluorite powder not only has good strength, particle size composition, chemical composition and other normal temperature properties, but also has excellent high-temperature metallurgical properties. The improvement of the production quality of fluorite powder briquetting machine equipment is the basis for ensuring the high quality, high yield, low consumption, environmental protection, high efficiency and high efficiency of fluorite powder processing. It is also an important guarantee measure for energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development.

Therefore, this is an ideal briquetting granulation equipment, which should be cautious when purchasing. As the mining of fluorite ore becomes difficult, the accumulated and idle fluorite powder in the past has gradually replaced fluorite ore and supplied it to the steel plant as a cosolvent. However, since the powder has many inconveniences during transportation, it is more convenient to press the fluorite powder into a ball. Then the fluorite powder briquetting machine came into being. Fluorite powder briquetting machine is a kind of binder added to fluorite powder, and then dried and shaped. Fluorite ball can replace high-grade fluorite ore. It has the advantages of uniform grade and easy control of particle size. It is widely used in various industry. After years of industrial use and improvement, compared with other similar products, it has the advantages of high ball formation rate, low power consumption, compact structure and easy inspection and debugging. It is an ideal ball press equipment.

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