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What are the differences between impact crusher and cone crusher?

The common crushing process in the crushing operation is the three-stage closed-circuit crusher process of coarse, medium and fine crushing plus screening operations, but there are also two-stage open-circuit or closed-circuit crushing processes. At present, the widely used crusher equipment is still two major types of equipment: coarse crushing and fine crushing.

The first stage in the crushing process is coarse crushing, which generally uses jaw crushers or gyratory crushers; the second stage, fine crushing, mostly uses cone crushers and reverse impact crusher.

Let's talk about the difference between cone crusher and impact crusher in fine crushing operation.

The obvious difference between counter-breaking and cone crushing is the different crushing principle and appearance structure, which is easy to distinguish. The impact crushing principle is used for impact crushing. The material is repeatedly impacted and crushed between the plate hammer and the impact plate. The cone crusher uses laminated crushing. The rolling mortar wall continuously moves to the crushing wall, squeezing the material sandwiched between the two to make It's shattered.

In addition, there are many differences between the two in actual production, as follows:

impact crusher

1. Different scope of application

Both impact crusher and cone crusher can act as secondary crushing equipment, but the hardness of the materials crushed by the two is different. Generally speaking, cone crushers mainly crush materials with higher hardness, such as granite, basalt, river pebble, etc., while impact crushers are used to crush materials with lower hardness, such as limestone, limestone, etc. In short, the impact crusher is suitable for crushing medium-hardness and lower toughness and brittle materials, and the cone crusher is suitable for crushing hard materials.

2. Different discharge sizes

The discharging granularity of the materials crushed by the two types of crushers is different. Generally speaking, cone crusher crushes finer materials than impact crusher. In actual production, more cone crushers are used in ore dressing, and more impact crushers are used in building materials and construction projects.

3. Different processing capacity

Compared with the impact crusher, the cone crusher has the characteristics of low energy consumption, heavy output and stable production. Therefore, the cone crusher is often used in large-scale and high-yield production lines.

4. Different input costs

The price of the cone crusher is more expensive than the impact crusher, but its wearing parts have a longer life, avoiding the trouble of frequent replacement of parts. The initial purchase cost of the impact crusher is low, and the later maintenance cost is higher; the cone crusher The early stage cost is high, and the later stage input cost is lower. From a long-term perspective, cone crushers are more cost-effective than counterattack crushers.

5. Different pollution levels

The impact crusher has large noise pollution and dust pollution; while the cone crusher has less pollution.

To sum up, it is a detailed introduction about the difference between impact crusher and cone crusher. Because the materials crushed by the two are different, there is also a big difference in use. It is recommended that you choose the appropriate crusher according to the crushed material.

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