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Why is the price of the briquetting machine different?

The high-pressure ball press machine refers to the ball press equipment with pre-pressurization and secondary pressurization functions. In addition to its great use in the briquette production line, it is widely used in many industries. However, many of my friends reacted to high-pressure ball presses machine but the prices varied greatly. What is the reason?

The price of a high pressure ball press machine is affected by many factors, but the most direct difference is the difference between the function and model of the product. The price of a small high-pressure ball press can be many times different from that of a large one. In terms of model, it is also an important issue for the users who are purchasing. The model is linked to capacity, so the user should plan the capacity status in advance and choose the right model. The price of high pressure ball presses ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, so the investment cost of different models is also different.

There are many models of high pressure ball presses, such as metal briquetting machine ,super high briquetting machineand the technical parameters of different types of equipment are also different, and the output and processing capacity of different types of high pressure ball presses are different, so the price will be different. The demand for equipment by users is also a major factor affecting the price. Users have more demand for equipment, while manufacturers have less supply, and the market price of equipment is higher; on the contrary, the market price of equipment is low.

Under the call of environmental protection, energy conservation and green production, the equipment manufacturing process must be added to the environmental protection process. The production of ball press equipment should be improved from design to technology to achieve environmental protection and energy conservation. This invisibly increases equipment manufacturing. cost.

A large amount of waste material is used for material granulation in cement plants, which can achieve environmental protection and profit, but the cost of processing waste will be indirectly calculated into the cost of the ball press equipment, resulting in high pressure ball presses, etc. The price of equipment has risen. Some high pressure ball presses are expensive here.

Many friends care about the price of the equipment when they buy. It is normal to care about the price of the high pressure ball press. Just like we buy things, it is understandable to pay attention to the price. But some things are more important than price, that is quality and performance! Quality represents the life of the high pressure ball press and the operation in operation, which has a great impact on production and quality. So don't just focus on price, more attention should be on quality.

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