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Processing design principles and technological process of roller ball spherical ball spherical ball press machine

The briquetting machine has an irreplaceable role in major mining and industrial production. Its main function is to press and process powdered materials into larger pellets, thereby making the materials more convenient for subsequent use, more convenient transportation, and also Can reduce the transportation loss of materials.

On the briquetting machine, the component of compacting the powdered material is the briquetting machine roller skin. There are many ball sockets of the same size, same shape and regular arrangement on the roller skin. The processing of machine roller ball socket is also a very important work in the design and production process of briquetting machine.

Design Principles of Roller Ball Spherical Socket of Briquetting Machine

The design of the roller ball socket of the briquetting machine is to be prepared before the production of the briquetting machine. The three elements of the roller skin material, ball socket size and ball socket shape should be mainly considered.

1. The material of the roller skin directly affects the service life and processing difficulty of the ball socket. There are three commonly used materials for the roller skin of the briquetting machine. The processing methods are divided into forged roller skin and casting roller skin. Not high enough, so the material pressed by the ball press should be fully considered in the design, and the roller skin with appropriate hardness should be selected.

2. The size design of the ball socket can not be too small or too large, mainly refers to the depth of the ball socket, too small will cause the pressure of the ball press to reach, it is not easy to demold, and the carving of the small ball socket is difficult. The effect of the ball is not ideal; if the size of the ball socket is too large, the strength of the ball will not meet the requirements, thereby reducing the pass rate of the product.

3. The shape of the ball socket is various, but the characteristics of the material should also be fully considered in the design. For example, the dry powder briquetting machine should choose a flat square ball socket. With the corresponding smaller size of the socket, the ball formation rate can be fully improved.

Roller ball socket processing of briquetting machine

briquetting machine

1. Ball socket processing flow

The first thing to do in the processing of the roller ball socket of the briquetting machine is to determine the material of the roller skin, and then cast or forge according to different materials:

(1) The ball and socket of the casting roller skin should have a certain size and shape during casting, and then the roller skin is clamped on the lathe, and the tool is fed with a tool for lathe machining, and the surface size of the roller skin and the ball socket are The dimensions are processed simultaneously.

(2) For the ball and socket processing of forged roller skins, it is necessary to weld the roller skins of each section as a whole, and then perform surface dimension processing on the lathe. After the surface processing of the roller skins is completed, the ball and socket are carved on the milling machine.

briquetting machine

2. Matters needing attention in ball and socket processing

(1) When processing the ball-and-socket of casting-type roller skins, the casting-type roller-skin will harden during turning, so if it is processed again, it will collapse the cutter head and damage the surface of the roller skin; When the heat treatment is completed, oil quenching should be used, and quick cooling and tempering with warm water.

(2) For ball-socket processing of forged roller skins, pay attention to the use of multiple feeds when engraving on the milling machine. Although the depth of the ball-socket is not large, it is also necessary to avoid directly plunging the milling cutter into the roller skin, otherwise it will easily collapse A bad knife head pierces the surface of the roller skin and affects subsequent engraving work.

The processing conditions of the roller ball socket of the briquetting machine should fully consider the application conditions of the ball pressing machine, especially for materials of different hardness, the roller skins of different hardness and wear resistance should be used, so several factors in the design should be considered.

The briquetting machines produced by Luoyang Zhongyuan Mining Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. all use bearing steel forged roller skins. The ball socket is easy to process and has a long service life. It is also very convenient to repair later. If you have any questions, you can leave a message on our website or call customer service phone for detailed consultation.

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